How to Use the Forms and Links

Shipper’s Letter of Instructions: This is a PDF form which you may download to your computer and type all information as indicated in the fields. Once you’re done filling in the information, depending on your Adobe Acrobat Reader Version or Internet Browser, you may be able to save the form with the typed information to your computer. Otherwise please make sure to print out the form and scan it.¬† Then send the form as an email attachment to your Cargo Modules contact person, or to one of the two email addresses ¬†indicated on top of the form.

Cargo Modules, LLC Power of Attorney: This is a typable (fillable) PDF form which you can complete and save on your computer. Then please print, scan and email to your Cargo Modules LLC office.

Contact Us: This is a short and simple form to submit any type of message to us. We check “Contact Us” messages 365 days per year and will respond to you within one business day at the latest.