Cargo Modules has experience in handling nearly every type of cargo, international or domestic, by air, sea or surface. While we handle our share of typical consignments, our clients most appreciate our personalized approach in moving cargo that has unusual handling or shipping requirements.

We can transport freight that is oversized, heavy lift, hazardous, temperature controlled, extremely valuable or fragile. We’re logistics problem solvers, often able to get cargo safely to its destination faster and for less than traditional couriers like FedEx and UPS. Our clients can call us 365 days a year, and talk to a highly qualified logistics specialist who will customize a plan for their shipment and take personal responsibility for its safe transit. That’s the Cargo Modules difference.

Below we’ve listed a few of our specialties. But we encourage you to contact us to discuss your unique situation and get a no-obligation estimate.

Trade Between Europe, Asia and the U.S.

Trade Between Europe, Asia and the U.S.
Cargo Modules has an impressive customer portfolio consisting of European and American companies that routinely conduct trading activities between the two continents. We also have many years of experience in facilitating trading activities with Asian markets, especially China.

Our close corporate, cultural and personal ties to these markets ensure a smooth transit of goods. We feel confident in saying no other freight forwarding company understands better than Cargo Modules the specific requirements of those trade lanes.

Ship Repair & Maintenance

Ship Repair & Maintenance
We provide logistics services on a regular basis to reputable ship repair and maintenance companies based in Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX and New York, NY, among others. Cargo Modules is available 365 days per year to move ship spare parts of any size and weight to or from any seaport in the world.

Aviation and Aerospace

Aviation and Aerospace
We have profound knowledge and experience in handling time-critical shipments for the aviation industries. For example, Cargo Modules has been entrusted with organizing transportation by air of new helicopters from the factory to customer locations across the globe and turbo prop engines from Arizona to remote locations in Siberia.

When you need specialized equipment, aviation parts or even aircrafts themselves, we will source the fastest and most reliable shipping method from origin to destination.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences
Our team has the experience and resources required to transport temperature- and time-sensitive products. We’ve handled shipments from major pharmaceutical companies as well as smaller life science companies, often involving transportation in Envirotainers (air freight) and Reefer Containers (ocean freight). Special-care products like pharmaceuticals and human blood are shipped safely under our care.

Exhibition Services

Exhibition Services
We understand sometimes deadlines creep up on you. We can arrange for delivery of your exhibition shipments at the very last minute directly to the trade show floor. If you’re an international exhibitor without your own organization in the U.S. to act as “Importer of Record,” Cargo Modules can step in and import your shipments for you without any complications (with or without the CarnetATA procedure).

Time-Sensitive Shipments

Time-Sensitive Shipments
Cargo Modules offers you transit times for your mission-critical shipment. We approach logistic challenges with a can-do attitude. Our custom shipping solutions are often faster than courier companies like FedEx or UPS. And if you need overnight service from Central Europe to U.S. destinations within 100 miles of major airports, we can often get the job done at a fraction of their cost.

Through our advanced electronic link-up to U.S. Customs and the FDA, and our remote clearance license, we can get your shipments quickly cleared through any U.S airport or seaport, usually before they even arrive at their destination.

Call us and you’ll immediately connect with one of our logistics experts who will begin mapping out a plan.

Foreign-Based Importer of Record Services – Launch New Products, Test the U.S. Market

Foreign-Based Importer of Record Services –
Launch New Products, Test the U.S. Market

The U.S. is one of the few countries in the Western Hemisphere that allows registration of a foreign- based importer of record. Do you have a new product you’d like to begin selling in the U.S.? Cargo Modules can help you test the market while minimizing your costs in the following ways:

No long-term commitments required before your business volumes have reached a
critical mass, (i.e. company registration, office rent, hiring of personnel, etc.).
No need to use a middleman during the launch.
U.S. Customs duties are applied on the ex-works value of the product.

Instruct your vendors to consign their products to Cargo Modules. We provide warehousing services for you including the following:

Sort and label incoming shipments
Neutralize shipments before forwarding. We remove all marking and documents originating
from your vendor.
Pick, pack and ship orders to your individual customers in the U.S.
Because Cargo Modules will be your ship-to party, your customers won’t have to be
involved in the international shipping process in any way.

Request A QuoteTo find out how you can take advantage of this program to launch new products in the U.S., contact Cargo Modules today at , 310-897-0767